Arrogant 3in1

Arrogant- coffee, milk and sugar. 

High quality product, with great taste. Made with 100% freezed dried Arabica coffee beans, natural sugar, cream and instant coffee.

Every one is in individudal package.

Arrogant combines the great taste with the arrogantly beautiful design.

Arrogant 3in1 is offered in 2 sizes- 15 gr. pack and 20 gr. pack.

Logistic information for 15 gr:

  • 10 display boxes in carton,         Arr 3in1
  • 42 cartons on euro pallet
  • 40 pcs in display box


Logistic information for 20 gr:

  • 35 pcs in display box
  • 10 display boxes in carton,
  • 42 cartons on euro pallet

Display boxes: